Monday, October 21, 2013

My Experience Flash Trading with Farctate

In the past few weeks I have been looking to get involved with the stock market a bit I have a little bit of spare cash and would like to start preparing for the future. I started doing online research about how to start trading and what strategies make trading more profitable. I was shocked to find so few websites talking about technical analysis with majority of trading being done with old school fundamentals. While searching Google for technical analysis stock formula's I came across a website called Farctate. They claimed that you could use there system with nearly any online broker and they had servers that could run computer programs to do flash trading along with any algorithms you would like. I decided to give them a call and was shocked to see that I was instantly talking with a real person that was more than capable of answering all my questions.

After about 20 minutes of talking with them I was upset to find out that they were still in beta, thinking that this meant they wouldn't accept me as a customer. But the women on the other side of the phone quickly informed me that being in beta just means they ask that you provide them with some basic feedback every month such as a 5 minute phone call to discuss any idea's or concerns you might have.

So I gratuitously accepted there terms and promptly signed up with only one concerned. How difficult would it be to use there system? I quickly discovered by logging in and being greeted with this page.

I started thinking something must be wrong there must be more to this so I called there support team back and they said not to worry and that they would email a short video walking me through there system. I received the video link in my email nearly 10 minutes later and after watching it I was shocked on how they could build this system that was so versatility and able to do so many things with the stock market but yet keep the user area of there website so clean and so easy to work with. Adding a trading account was as simple as clicking on the settings button and entering my TD Ameritrade information. Running predefined algorithms click on the data button and type in the stock symbol you would like to research. Have a algorithm you want to flash trade with click the flash trade button define the stock symbol and move on.

Shortly after defining my first flash trading algorithm I was greeted by a automated email saying Daily Flash Trading Report. I opened the email it outlined what stock it purchased and when it sold it was was shock to find out that I held over 20 different companies within the same day and only had 3 trades that lost money obviously this percentage was very good and has made me deeply interested in flash trading.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Holding Company finds niche in Online Foreign Currency Sales

Homescape LLC, a Connecticut based holding company, under the operating brand name Nicky Nice Brands, today has launched in online brand e-commerce site. The new online store features currency from all over the world. It can be found at

The holding company already has online ecommerce operations which sell land from around the United States. The move comes as no surprise as the small holding company move forward in dominating online sales of various product lines.

The new website features antique and highly collectible currencies from Europe, Asia, Africa and all other parts of the world. "We are happy to move forward with our product lines on, which will supplement the revenue being generated from our eBay and Amazon sales" said Michael Steinberg, COO at Nicky Nice Brands

Nicky Nice Brands was started in 2005 as a subsidiary to Homescape LLC, and operates as the e-commerce division of the holding company.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Movik Equipment establishes Online Showroom

The Connecticut USA based company, Movik Equipment, has launched a new website to showcase all the machinery and equipment they have for sale or brokerage.

The company acts as a broker and investor of heavy machinery equipment and surplus equipment. The company is seeking to expand a worldwide reach with the launch of the new website:

The website will act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of heavy machinery, surplus equipment, and green inventory. The expansion into sustainable power sources, such as solar panels, wind turbines and batteries, began 2 years ago for Movik Equipment.

Oscar Cordova
Ph: 203-983-0251

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Canadian based Venture Company set to dominate Online Industrial Wire & Cable Sales

A canadian-based ecommerce company today announced that it is set to dominate sales of online industrial wires. The website,, was founded by Richard Bohlke. (the Company) is an online superstore and ecommerce venture specializing in selling technical supplies such as cable labels and USB cables

The Company offers hundreds of technical supplies, cable labels and USB cables to consumers and businesses at below retail market prices

Technical supplies are one of the fastest growing sectors in the consumer electronics market. The value of the market is expected to exceed $5 billion annually by 2016 according to the TIA Economic Index.

The technical supplies and USB cable market is a hot rising trend. The Company is positioned to leverage the market opportunity. The Company has identified two primary competitors, and as well as three overall competitors,, enjoys several competitive advantages. But the Company’s primary competitive edge is pricing and individual customer care

The Company leverages the Internet, search engines, social media and direct marketing to acquire customers. The Company also utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) techniques in order to appear prominently in the top search engines

Telephone: 709-226-0048
Address: Box 60, Site 6 Placentia, NL, Canada A0B 2Y0

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A New Website Emerges for Private Equity & Penny Stock Enthusiasts

A new website has emerged as a leader in private equity deals and Penny Stock articles. Launched approximately a year and a half ago, is the go to website for private equity deals and private equity company profiles.

The website, operated by Cervitude, acts as a link website for private equity news releases, ecommerce company news, and OTC traded company happenings. In a world flooded with opinions, the new website simply places backlinks up for news occurring in the sector.  This allows enthusiast of penny stocks and or private equity deals to form their own opinions.

The website post backlinks daily and is hosted on WordPress.

Backlinks posted about private equity companies focus on technology, website holding companies, and e-commerce operations. Also included in the daily blog roll are back links to articles about penny stocks, Micro cap companies, and over the counter traded companies.

Cervitude, a penny stock investor relations firm based in Connecticut, has put up the site as a way to gain eyeballs to their blog network. Cervitude is also the parent company to this website.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Startup venture Homeskape a force to be reckoned with both online and in the real estate sector.

Homescape LLC, parent company to Homeskape Holdings (the subsidiary) announced today its plan to launch and develop its third and final real estate e-commerce property.

The Connecticut based company subsidiary which currently operates and sells real estate via eBay and & there online stores for real estate, are developing their last and final online store:

The company has real estate holdings in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Arkansas, Michigan, New York, & a new deal in development in the Northeast. The company begin to buy distressed real estate in undervalued markets in 2012.

The CEO, Nicholas Coriano stated "We believe the future of sales whether it be a collectible coin or a piece of land are online." He added "The current crisis in real estate has allowed us to acquire properties, the advent of new software to build online stores allows us to brand ourselves as industry leaders in the land selling business."

The ambitious young real estate holding company set out to acquire property in all 50 states by the year 2020. The CEO has also set out to build headquarters in the Northeast within the next three years.

The company encourages those investors holding real estate to contact them to discuss possible partnership options at

MicroCapCompany.COM: Taking a Company Public Without an IPO: Is the Rev...

MicroCapCompany.COM: Taking a Company Public Without an IPO: Is the Rev...: Going public does not entail an IPO for all companies. Very successful companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, Turner Broadcasting System, and...

Internet Web Property Set To Launch Online Web Store announced today that it is set to release an online store providing services and products in late September.

To date the online website has been a blogroll of tips for e-commerce, Internet related marketing, and just about anything that has to do with online business. The current blogroll is set to launch their online store, PushYourRank.Co featuring products such as hosting, website developments, premium domain names, and premium branded domains. The web store will also sell turnkey solutions for e-commerce sites and blogs, in other words they will sell already established blog and already existing e-commerce businesses.

The website today games traffic through answering questions about how to satisfy the needs of certain marketing efforts and online development issues. They are famous for their "How to" and What is",sections. 

The move further strengthens the position of Homescape LLC, a Connecticut based company holding web properties and private equity.

For information about selling your e-commerce business or blog website on the new e-commerce websites please email